Family Photos

Bob married Mary Jo Harris on December 23, 1963, now just as committed to each other as they were that happy day. They have two children, Greg, born 1966 in Washington, D.C., and Theresa, born 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both children and their families live in the same town as Bob and Mary Jo, one of the greatest blessings in their lives. The family enjoys spending time together often.

Bob married Mary Jo on December 23, 1963. Now just as committed to each other as they were that blessed day.

Wedding Day, Old Fort, NC, 1963

Bob and Mary Jo

Bob and Mary Jo, 2009

With Children, Theresa and Greg, 2017

With Children and Grandchildren, 2017

With Grandchildren, 2017

Son Greg, Yuki, Sakura and Aki, 2017

Daughter Theresa, Paul, Sofia, Francesca and Victor, 2017



Plemmons family: Barbara (sister), Bob, Kevin, Heather, Harold (brother), Linda, Doug, Floyd, Bob, Mary Jo, Greg, Theresa, Alfie (Stepmom) and Everett (Dad), 1985


Auburn University PhD Graduation: Willie Lou (Mom), Bob, and Everett (Dad), 1965


Christmas: Everett (Dad), Harold (brother), Barbara (sister), Bob, and Willie Lou (Mom), 1956

Bob, first grade, 1944


Willie Lou (mom) and sons, Harold and Bob (on right), 1939