Available Plugins

The following plugins are available for use on your site.

Classic Editor

This plugin provides a way to use the editor from WordPress prior to version 5.0. This plugin allows one to select on each page and pos whether they would rather use the Classic Editor (TinyMCE) or the new Gurbenerg block editor.


Enable Media Replace

This plugin allows you to upload a new version of an existing file in the Media Library, and replace the old file with the new file. Note: Just uploading a file with the same name as an existing file is not enough. One must go to the Media Library and click the Replace link in order to use this new functionality.


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

This plugin provides an easy way to add Google Analytics to one’s site, in order to track the number of users coming to each page on one’s site, and get some information about the device on which they are accessing the page. This can be very useful to prioritize changes to the site so that the maximum number of people can access and use the site.


This plugin help keep your pages fast and easy to access from a computer or mobile device and conserve disk space on your web server by automatically resizing images you upload to WordPress so that they are large enough for viewing on the web site, but no larger. You can define the limits you’d like to place on image sizes, and Imsanity will resize them for you and replace the image on your pages or posts with the optimized version.

NextGEN Gallery

This plugin offers the ability to easily create galleries of images, and display them on your webpages as a list of images, a slideshow, or single images from a gallery.

TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin basically allows a site owner to customize the buttons that appear in the toolbar on the Classic Editor page or post editing screen. For instance, one can add buttons for creating and editing tables, adding and editing HTML anchors and many others.

This plugin ONLY works with the Classic Editor, not the new Gutenberg block editor. With the Classic Editor plugin installed, one can choose which pages and posts to edit with the Classic Editor and which to edit with the new block editor.


WordPress Importer

If you have used WordPress on another site somewhere, and would like to transfer your posts and pages into your site here, this tool will allow you to import the .xml file that was created when you exported your content from your other WordPress site.

If you have a plugin in mind that you’d like to see on this site, please contact your ITG representative to enter a request. There are many useful plugins out there, but only plugins which pass several tests for suitability and security will be offered on this site.