WF College One Pro

The WFCPro theme was designed as a “turn key” solution for those who just want to start creating pages without having to develop their own website layout.  The WFCPro is based on the pre-2013 Wake Forest College Theme.

Feature List

Page Templates

  • Default – contains a left side, vertical menu and right side content.
  • Blog Page – contains a left side, vertical menu and right side listing of your posts.
  • Faculty Profile Page –  contains a left side, vertical menu and uses information from your WordPress profile to create a contact page.
  • Front Page with News Items – contains a left side, vertical menu and right side content and right justified news section for your News posts.
  • Horizontal Menu Wide Format – contains a top horizontal menu  with full page width content.

Widget Areas

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Footer Widget Area for contact information

Custom Headers

The default header setup will function for most users.  However, if you would like to create and use your own header, you may upload the new image using the Header tool under the appearance setting.  To maintain proper appearance, please use the following image settings:

  • 960 pixels width.
  • 110 pixels height.
  • 72 pixels per inch.
  • 8 bit PNG format (optional, but the PNG format provide for the smallest image file size. JPEG images also supported.).