Managing Media

Each site is limited to 100MB. Usually, if you resize your images to a reasonable size, this will not be an issue. There are several options for storing video elsewhere and embedding it into your WordPress site (and more are coming), so please don’t upload any video directly to your site. For instance, if you post a video at YouTube, all you have to do to embed it into your WordPress site is copy and paste the address to your video on its own line, and WordPress will take care of the rest.

Recommendations for resizing your images

While WordPress is very forgiving, and offers some tools for displaying images in various sizes, regardless of their real size, it’s always best to actually make your images reasonable sizes before you upload them to your site.

Why bother?

  • Your space is limited to 100MB here. Large images will eat up that space very quickly.
  • The image resizing tools in WordPress only make your images appear small; your visitors will still have to download a large file if that’s what you upload.
  • Your images will load much faster on the web page, be faster to upload when building your site, and generally be more efficient. (Added bonus: Faster pages are usually given a higher ranking in search results!)

Recommended sizes

Resolution: 72 dpi

Small or Thumbnail: 150 x 150 pixels maximum

Medium: 300 x 300 pixels maximum

Large: 600 x 600 pixels maximum

The only case in which your visitors might be able to display an image larger than 600 pixels by 600 pixels might be an image that they might view outside the context of the web page (in a popup window or separate tab with just the image in it). In this case, you may want to go as large as 1024 x 1024 pixels, but this may not fit well on some screens. (Don’t forget that some people will be visiting with mobile phones and similar devices.)

The  may have classes on Photoshop or other editors, or you can find instructional videos on

The Professional Development Center may have classes on Photoshop or other editors, or you can find instructional videos on (availale through the Google Apps button in the top right of your Gmail window).